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The captivating story of one who fought for a future based on enlightenment and science, Memories of Afghanistan provides invaluable insights into a country gripped by war and oppression.

Mohammad Haider Anwar (1914-1993) traces his development from street urchin and petty thief in the slums of Kabul, to idealistic teenager swayed by the writings of Tom Paine, to government official espousing reform in a deeply patriarchal, religious society. In 1943, facing imprisonment by the Afghan monarchy--in part for refusing to force his American-born wife to wear the chaderi, or head-to-toe veil--Dr. Anwar fled into exile.

This second edition of Memories of Afghanistan includes a new Afterword  by Keith Anwar, the book's editor, which discusses the American government's role in fostering Islamic fundamentalism and tribal backwardness in Afghanistan over the past 25 years.


"...Required reading for Americans."--TheBestReviews.com

"Highly recommended."--MidwestBookReview.com


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